Crossing published in Sweden by Norstedts.



JUNE 2018

Pajtim Statovci is the winner of the 2018 Helsinki Writer of the Year Award. The annual award, which is handed out by the Authors Association of Helsinki, is intended to recognize writers whose works present Helsinki in a refreshing and prominent manner.

The jury has the following to say about this year’s winner:

“Pajtim Statovci has introduced new themes and a new point of view into Finnish literature. His narratives are strong and original. Statovci’s use of the Finnish language is rich and his metaphors are pertinent. In his two novels, Pajtim Statovci has created thought-provoking points of view in relation to questions of identity, doing so by focusing on minorities and new citizens. Statovci uses art to demolish categories related to sexual identity and power.

Pajtim Statovci is currently one the most successful Finnish authors internationally. Through his novels, he has made Helsinki known all over the world.”


MAY 2018

My Cat Yugoslavia will premiere on stage in The Finnish National Theatre! For more information and tickets, click here.



APRIL 2018

Crossing published in Norway by Gyldendal.

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